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As most of you probably know, I won't be present for the next game, as I will be in New-Brunswick for a friend's wedding and to visit my new nephew.

As I'm writing this, it's quite late, so I will have to be brief. Basically, I'm a bit concerned about the upcoming game session and its possible gunplay. I think we're up for one hell of a fight, and I think we'll have better chances of wining if I am there.

If my character is absent, it diminishes the firepower available to the team. If my character is present but ran by someone else, he probably will not be as efficient as if I was running him. Jacob is an "untested" character, battle wise - well, except that scuffle with the police, and that didn't go well admittedly. He may not "work" at all. However, I at least have the advantage of having "run simulations" in my head and having designed him and being more familiar with him. If one of you ran him, you will likely forget some of his "tricks" and perhaps won't run your character as well because you are distracted. Leaving a character behind is probably not a good idea either - even the less combat oriented ones can have a crucial role to play in a fight.

I'm not saying this because I think I'm mr smartypants - I probably wouldn't run Nev very well either. I will also admit I would hate to miss a good fight, especially where I finally get to use him the way he's supposed to!

So - I'll have access to the internet, and will be able to reply - probably Sunday - to responses posted here. If needed, I can write a little "guide to Jacob". So... do you think it would be better to delay a fight? I know you guys are probably anxious to get to it so....

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since an image is worth a thousand words, I figure a video might be worth a million!

First, shooting of the .500 SW revolver that is the basis for my hand-cannon:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2xp1jxALuc (apoligies for the iffy music)

But just because I'm that kinda guy, here is some other big guns that the party has had:

Nev's auto shotgun, aka the anti aircraft gun:


Gawen's trusty desert eagle .50

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I came accross this when I was doing a read-over of TK and I remember someone mentioning it in game.

"Other than grab and punch(strike), a character cannot use Telekenisis to perform any other Combat manuvers. However at the GM's option, he can use it to perform any combat manuver for which he has Character points, though he must have the fine manipulation adder to perform manuvers requireing finess."
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August 20th 2052

Last night was the worst night of my life. Last night I truly saw what my father was doing to me...Last night I killed a man who had done nothing wrong except try and help me.

It was my 15th birthday my squad and I had just passed into our next level of training. So we decided to celebrate and went to a bar down in Marseille...the guys had some strange intention to get me drunk. I never had problems going to bars....not like the bartender’s could actually tell I am underage...and besides being a demon allows me to get around most of that crap.

Anyway we were getting drunk and it was pushing on midnight and we were all ready to sneak back to Calenture. That is when everything went to hell and my eyes were opened. These resistance bastard’s decided to bomb the bar. A few grenades in some very loud bangs, and dozens were dead.

When I saw the first grenade my training took control and I flipped over the table and ducked behind it. The shrapnel embedded itself in the thick table and I was ok, except for a small laceration at a joint in my right wing. Then the bastard’s came inside and started shooting. My team performed admirably and we killed them all, and probably saved about 30 lives from the attack.

Though we did not stick around to get any credit. We all knew what being out after curfew meant and we did not want to suffer the consequence. So we split up and each of us made our way back to the transport we had uh borrowed. I started running, ducking through various alleyways, not wanting to take the risk of beings seen in flight. I ran for 10 blocks, finally decided it was safe and took to the sky. As I leaped up something went wrong and I woke up on the ground my head throbbing.

I must have hit my head on something and as my eyes began to clear I saw a man looking down at my face and carrying something. It glinted in the light before he could say anything and without any hesitation I reached up and broke his neck. It was a completely reactionary action, one that had been ingrained into me since my training began.

Rolling the corpse off me I looked over and he was carrying a present wrapped in shiny paper. All of my training all of this for the “protection of the people” and what is my first throught? To kill, I assessed the threat and I eliminated it...just like my training taught me. The only response to a threat is to eliminate it, and the only proper way to eliminate a threat was to kill it.

Did not matter who it was they were a threat, and my first action was to kill...Never again. I will never again use killing as the only solution to a threat. I will never deprive some family of their father, mother, brother or sister, unless I absolutely have to....


Apr. 10th, 2007 12:00 am
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“Forget something?” Samiha was watching TV when Halim came in, just an hour after leaving for the party he’d been looking forward to for weeks.
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I was wondering - by people's count, how many points should we be at? Ironphoenix posted 194, but I'm counting 193. Now the session previous to last (where the council members started disappearing) I didn't give myself any XP, since it was unclear who should be getting it (Jacob or Julien?) and this could be the source of the discrepancy.

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1) That 20xp can't be spent on skills unless it is a magic skill or something that would have been known prior. (ie it's a gift from 'gods' so it hasn't been earned) Check with me.

2) You may buy the Magic Skill Common AT THIS TIME without a teacher or need to study. This is is a one shot deal.

3) Everybody has a 1AP MPP.

4) The Research skill is not a freebee and must be bought with a reason for having it either now or later.

5) At this point only you may buy spells without researching them.

6) MPP up to 40AP may now be bought at 1:1 by everyone. But only with post-jury points.

7) I'm going on msn now because my email is doing something odd with the reply function.
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Please note that these two paths are both considered Focus Magic Paths.

Focus Magic Path (trained)

ALL warlocks who want to remove magic from a shared pool must use this path. This path does not impose Fealty Bonds on anyone. Any Focus who wishes to use a shared pool must first add magic to that pool. (ie must buy in) The Focus acts as the 'container' for the pooled magic and this makes this type of magic risky. The higher requirements do not reflect an "elite" status but rather the force of will and experience needed not to accidentally fry one's self. (see Focus Magic Path (untrained) for consequences of not having the proper requirements)


* Common Magic Path
* EGO = 18 (roll -13)
* Magic Skill Focus (EGO) = 3/2 reqired skill roll (RSR for all spells using a joint pool)
* Research (INT) = 3/2 required skill for learning new spells


* Learning the Magic Skill Focus requires training (ie teacher, source of information, or successful use of untrained focus which satisfies the GM)
* Difficult spells will require extra time, require complimentary skills, and/or have negative modifiers to the research roll in order to learn them.
* All spells bought through the Focus Magic Path (trained) require the limitation Overload Risk (below). Common Magic Path spells may be cast as Focus spells by using the Magic Skill Focus RSR and applying the Overload Risk limitation temporarily (does not decrease cost since the spell is actually a common spell but it means that you don't have to buy the spell twice).

Overload Risk [side effect; -2 limitation]
- happens on a critical failure of the RSR roll
- Energy Blast on Focus (1d6/5AP; for total AP being used in spell being cast)

Focus Magic Path (untrained)

This allows a Warlock not trained in the Focus Magic Path to attempt to focus a joint MPP. It requires no training. This is VERY risky. Many mages go BOOM.


* Common Magic Path
* Uses Magic Skill Common as the RSR
* Adds a -1/20AP to RSR roll (ie more powerful spells are more risky)
* Must have bought into the joint MPP
* Spells may not be purchased as Focus Magic Path (untrained)
* The following limit is added to ALL common spells cast using this method but it does NOT reduce the cost of said spell:

Overload Risk [side effect; +0 limitation]
- happens on a failure of the RSR roll
- Energy Blast on Focus (1d6/5AP; for total AP being used in spell being cast)

Banned Magic

Teleport, Desolidification, Duplication, Extra-Dimensional movement, FLT, Mind Scan, Stretching

Special Magic

This stuff needs a good reason that convinces the GM. For example, it is needed to simulate an effect that is allowed but which can not be implimented using allowable powers, or is needed to impliment the race packages. Uses of these require permission each time. Others may be added if I discover something broken.

Absorption, Missile Deflection, Transform, Growth, Find Weakness, Lack of Weakness, Extra Limbs, Shrinking, Summon, Density Increase, Drain, Multiform (not in a were), Transfer, Clarisentience

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Changes to Everyman Package
* 1 AP MPP

Common Magic Path

This is the basic magic path for all warlocks (aka magic users of whatever name) in the new cycle. Pre-jury magic works as normal unless it is modified or improved. This path comes into effect for ALL new magic and ALL magic that has been improved or modified since the jury.

* EGO = 13 (roll of 12-) minimum
* All magic must draw from END reserve (magic) as per previous and this means that all magic can be seen via magic sight (as normal to last cycle)
* Magic Skill Common (EGO) = 3/2 required skill roll for all spells
* Research (INT) = 3/2 required skill to learn and research new spells

* Difficult spells will require extra time, have negative modifiers to the research roll, and/or require complimentary skills (ie medical skills for a healing spell) in order to learn a new spell.
* Base time to research and learn a new spell is a week.
* See list of banned spells and list of Focus only spells to determine what is not allowed.
* Some power types may have other requirements.

Sharing AP

Via Spell:

This allows a warlock to give xd6 AP to another to use. The recipient must be willing and the lend is automatically terminated when the the spell ends. The recipient MUST have the Focus Magic Path in order to use the power. END is not automatically given using this spell. Multiple instances (ie buy this spell more than once) of this power will allow AP to be lent to multiple people in parallel. This looks like a thread between the giver and reciever in magic sight. This spell is best bought as a flexible slot but it is not required.

Magical Pool Succor [Aid]
Lend magical power to others (AP transfer)
1d6AP/5AP (lent/cost)
Draws from END reserve (magic)
Useable on others
Requires a Skill Roll

Via EGO:

This allows any person with an AP pool to give ALL of that MPP temporarily to another person. While active the giver does not have access to his/her MPP at all. The recipient MUST have the Focus Magic Path in order to use the power. END is not given.

* An EGO roll is required to give the AP to a willing recipient.
* +0 END (magic) results in a thread between the giver and reciever in magic sight.
* An EGO roll is required to end the lending of magic and this may be contested by the Focus with an EGO roll to prevent removal.
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(note: post in progress!)

Folks, this is how I recall our rulings, and the spirit behind them. Please feel free to comment.

Ruling no 1:
Magic will only be possible by a conscious act of will. The spirit behind this decision is that we want to avoid people casting spells by mistake - no more angry people spontaneously shooting fireballs, or people plagued by visions. This imply that some kind of training may be required. I believe that "self training" should be possible.

Ruling no 2:
Magic for all.
The magical potential of people will not be limited by race anymore, and everyone has the potential to wield magic. Of course, natural talent and especially the dedication of the practitioner will have a huge impact on the level of potency of magic someone actually wields.

Ruling no 3:
Erin shall be preserved - ie status quo. The group has no objection over the slow natural formation of other "sentient lands", such as Pico Island. (We thought about it being quicker, but then grew worried about nationalistic idiocy)

Ruling no 4:
The veil, the void, and monsters. We were uncomfortable with the implications of changing the rules regarding this issues. We admit that while humanity may have lost something primal and strong, we also won civilization out of it, so the status quo stands.

Ruling no 5:
Demons should be able to breed with one another or humans and have children. The psychological needs to destroy their parents should not be imposed (and should be lessened? eliminated?). It is expected that because of their smaller numbers, they will eventually "dilute out" in humanity, but if they don't that's fine (ie, let their choices and nature take its course). A similar reasoning should apply to changelings. However, the fertility reducing effects on pure blood "strangers" (shee, angels, evil fish people etc) should stay in place.

Ruling no 6:
The formal magical communities of princely ties will be replaced by "magical communes". If they so wish, people with magical ability can pool their energies to do something greater than they could achieve alone. However, the bond between them exists for the specific endeavor only and is not permanent. A "circle leader" will be needed, someone able to handle the extra power. (I would imagine that special training could be required for bigger efforts*). We felt that the need for this leader would limit the ultimate potential of what spells could be enacted - ie don't let a big circle of crazies blow up the moon.

Please feel free to comments folks

*The way I see it, a small group of weaker practitioners could get together and so something of some potency without any of them having special training. However, the special training would become necessary when people want to exceed the natural limit of 40 AP.
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You know, no matter how many points you have, you always want about 20 more.

Also, building a mage, even a non-killing one, with a 40 AP pool is a very complicated but effective way to burn through 194 CP. And I still haven't spent 40 points on the slots!

A few questions for our illustrious GM:
* Is the net cost for the Fey package now 0 CP, since the RPPM and the prince/outcaste disadvantage are now obsolete?
* Is there a maximum telepathy, transform or mind scan power level for PCs?
* What are the classes of mind for telepathy etc? I assume that "humans" now effectively includes demons, fey, changelings, teiflings and were in human form, but not angels, gods, monsters or were in animal form.
* Do you have any objection to my using extra time, charges, fuel charges, recoverable charges, expended foci, and non-expended foci to trim down points costs on spells?
* Do we have to buy END costs for enhanced senses and other effects that don't normally cost END? Also, do they have visible special effects (aside from in magic sense)?
* Do you want to have a hand in creating his sorcerer mentor and/or a DNPC girlfriend? I don't know that I'll have time to flesh them out 100% before the game as things stand; what do you need?

That's all for now, I think...
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I hope everybody liked last night's game.

A few things about magic:

1) What you have you are allowed to keep but you won't be able to improve it unless you change to the new system.

2) The new system will have two paths common and elite (working titles only) that will correspond to how everybody uses magic and how the focus of a magic circle uses magic.

3) The everyman skill will have a 1AP MPP (magic) added to it (nothing to help you use it though). Using common magic will require a minimum EGO level to have any ability to use magic, a magic skill RSR for casting magic (as per normal), and a Research(magic) skill to learn new spells. Having a teacher or source will reduce the difficulty of learning spells. Some power categories will not be allowed to the common path and others may be more difficult to learn (as per rarity or difficulty in the world).

4) Lending power will have either a skill(EGO) or a power(spell) to use. I haven't decided which.

5) The elite path will allow people to pull from a joint power pool which they have joined. Several classes of spells will be only usable with this path and will roughly corralate with Prince type powers (sans bond). There will be drawbacks when dealing with focusing large amounts of power (possibly a side effect or something to simulate potential for burn out). It will be set up almost the same as the common path but requires a mastery (of some sort) of the common path to gain access to it. (Almost like a prestige class type but not quite.)

6) Princely bonds were desolved with the Council's formation and these new powers are not Princely bonds so the Princes will have to rebuild thier power pools before they can gain equivalent status back. They may or may not figure this out quickly.

About races (most of this is just color):

1) Demons no longer have the infertility disadvantage. I'll have to check to see if there is anything else. There might be but it will more likely affect future generations and not presently adult characters. Demons are now considered a full race and not a half-breed.

2) Changelings have a few changes as well but these should only affect future generations. Changelings are now considered a full race and not a half-breed. Sidhe characteristics that were previously suppressed (ie good looks, pointed ears, height, and other little physical characteristics) will start to show and breed true in future generations. Mental issues may be decreased.

3) Teiflings are still considered a half breed and the term will eventually be extended to include any person of mixed racial heritage. (ie were-changeling, fey-demon, human-fey, fey-changeling, fey-were) Were/human race will be depend on whether or not they can change (were or human). Demon/human race will be determined by presence or absence of wings (demon or human). Changeling/human will depend on place of birth (changeling or teifling). Fey/anything will depend on whether or not they are accepted into fey society (fey or teifling). If it doesn't fit clearly into fey, human, changeling, demon, angel, or were then it is a teifling (aka half-breed or mixed breed).

4) What is most likely to matter in game is that some Irish humans are now considered changelings and are more likely to connect with Erin as well as possibly start buying off mental illnesses since those will be removed from the package soon. Demons are not infertile anymore and are less likely to have irrational hatred or psychosis with regards to Angels. Fey do not have princely bonds anymore but still can easily do joint magic.

5) All race magic maxes are off but the max max is still 40AP unless you are pulling from a joint pool or battery of some sort.

Other stuff:

1) I will allow Watcher characters now but not Controller characters other than those who gain the status in game.

2) Your characters are all carrying the 'gods genetic coding' in you now but it hasn't (and won't) manifested.

3) I don't remember what you decided about the void. If nothing changed then nothing changed.

4) New characters are to be made with the old rules and the standard+XP points then have the 20XP and 1AP added on top using the new rules. This should simulate the abrupt changes.

5) Continuing characters have a chance to do minor rewrites and fixes of character sheets but everything must be approved by me and have an in game reason of some sort.

6) I realize that some of the changes that have been made will mean that some of you loose disadvantages, gain bonuses, and/or have to add new skills to make magic work for you in the future and that this may mean that not all characters will be created equal. It shouldn't be more than a few XP difference so I'm not going to fix it. Everybody gets what they get. It isn't absolutely equal but I think you can understand my reasoning.

7) Characters will be allowed to learn the elite path in game but may not pick it out for a new character in character creation. I'm going to let you learn to be 'princes' but not *poof* be 'princes'. That is decent quest type material that I don't want to waste.

8) I will be introducing a few new skills and skill changes from my new book. I'll post those but the most important changes will be made to cramming and research.

9) I'm also toying with allowing Angel characters... feedback?

For Ironphoenix:

I need your character before next week so I can approve it and figure out how to work it into the game. I *think* the plan was for the group to go to Madiera but they might change their mind.

For Draco:

Ettienne is avaliable as a contact and we will discuss your controller status.

For ArrantDemon:

Let me know how you want to handle Nev and how you see his relationships with others changing (just as a heads up). I figure that the daughter thing will give you a reasonable excuse to leave if you schedule changes so that you need to.

For Nightstriker:

You wanted magic. It will be under the new system (so make sure you have what you need in terms of EGO and skills) and I'm going to allow you to buy the skill to use it without an excuse but the research(magic) will be something you will have to find someone else to teach you. So... you have a spontaneous 'eruption' due to the interference of the 'gods' but if you want to build on that you will have to do so in game as your character has not been studying magic up to this point.

For Anc:

We need to talk about your character so that we don't create a combat monster accidentally. Blessed by God.. heh heh.


The essentials need to be dealt with by next game.
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So I had a random thought on my way home from game tonight....are the magical skills Knowledge skills at the 2/1 or are they normal skills at the 3/2 and are based off of a stat. If the latter is true then what stat are they based off of?
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Dear Players,

I know that I haven't gotten the last game summary up yet but anyway...

It's feedback time. Tell me what you think about the game, the summaries, the cut scenes, the snacks... whatever. Tell me the good, the bad, and the turnip infested.

We will be entering part III (Tentatively subtitled "War & Redemption" depending on what you folks do... who knows that could change to "Roasting Marshmallows While the GM gets Drunk") after tomorrow's game so if you have anything to say going into the next game arc please do so now.

~ Your GM


Mar. 29th, 2007 09:17 pm
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So I have been messing around wtih mY City of heros account and since I have the option to give my charactesr wings I thought I would show you a rendition of Gawen...Note because of the Archtype that I choose for the character the eyes should not be glowing.


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Chapter 3: Wherein I stride fearlessly into the tiger's lair, only to selflessly choose the greater good at great personal cost.

Chapter3 )
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Chapter 2: Wherein my brilliance and foresight, once again, saves the day against impossible odds.

Chapter2 )

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