Apr. 6th, 2007

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You know, no matter how many points you have, you always want about 20 more.

Also, building a mage, even a non-killing one, with a 40 AP pool is a very complicated but effective way to burn through 194 CP. And I still haven't spent 40 points on the slots!

A few questions for our illustrious GM:
* Is the net cost for the Fey package now 0 CP, since the RPPM and the prince/outcaste disadvantage are now obsolete?
* Is there a maximum telepathy, transform or mind scan power level for PCs?
* What are the classes of mind for telepathy etc? I assume that "humans" now effectively includes demons, fey, changelings, teiflings and were in human form, but not angels, gods, monsters or were in animal form.
* Do you have any objection to my using extra time, charges, fuel charges, recoverable charges, expended foci, and non-expended foci to trim down points costs on spells?
* Do we have to buy END costs for enhanced senses and other effects that don't normally cost END? Also, do they have visible special effects (aside from in magic sense)?
* Do you want to have a hand in creating his sorcerer mentor and/or a DNPC girlfriend? I don't know that I'll have time to flesh them out 100% before the game as things stand; what do you need?

That's all for now, I think...

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