Apr. 8th, 2007

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Changes to Everyman Package
* 1 AP MPP

Common Magic Path

This is the basic magic path for all warlocks (aka magic users of whatever name) in the new cycle. Pre-jury magic works as normal unless it is modified or improved. This path comes into effect for ALL new magic and ALL magic that has been improved or modified since the jury.

* EGO = 13 (roll of 12-) minimum
* All magic must draw from END reserve (magic) as per previous and this means that all magic can be seen via magic sight (as normal to last cycle)
* Magic Skill Common (EGO) = 3/2 required skill roll for all spells
* Research (INT) = 3/2 required skill to learn and research new spells

* Difficult spells will require extra time, have negative modifiers to the research roll, and/or require complimentary skills (ie medical skills for a healing spell) in order to learn a new spell.
* Base time to research and learn a new spell is a week.
* See list of banned spells and list of Focus only spells to determine what is not allowed.
* Some power types may have other requirements.

Sharing AP

Via Spell:

This allows a warlock to give xd6 AP to another to use. The recipient must be willing and the lend is automatically terminated when the the spell ends. The recipient MUST have the Focus Magic Path in order to use the power. END is not automatically given using this spell. Multiple instances (ie buy this spell more than once) of this power will allow AP to be lent to multiple people in parallel. This looks like a thread between the giver and reciever in magic sight. This spell is best bought as a flexible slot but it is not required.

Magical Pool Succor [Aid]
Lend magical power to others (AP transfer)
1d6AP/5AP (lent/cost)
Draws from END reserve (magic)
Useable on others
Requires a Skill Roll

Via EGO:

This allows any person with an AP pool to give ALL of that MPP temporarily to another person. While active the giver does not have access to his/her MPP at all. The recipient MUST have the Focus Magic Path in order to use the power. END is not given.

* An EGO roll is required to give the AP to a willing recipient.
* +0 END (magic) results in a thread between the giver and reciever in magic sight.
* An EGO roll is required to end the lending of magic and this may be contested by the Focus with an EGO roll to prevent removal.
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Please note that these two paths are both considered Focus Magic Paths.

Focus Magic Path (trained)

ALL warlocks who want to remove magic from a shared pool must use this path. This path does not impose Fealty Bonds on anyone. Any Focus who wishes to use a shared pool must first add magic to that pool. (ie must buy in) The Focus acts as the 'container' for the pooled magic and this makes this type of magic risky. The higher requirements do not reflect an "elite" status but rather the force of will and experience needed not to accidentally fry one's self. (see Focus Magic Path (untrained) for consequences of not having the proper requirements)


* Common Magic Path
* EGO = 18 (roll -13)
* Magic Skill Focus (EGO) = 3/2 reqired skill roll (RSR for all spells using a joint pool)
* Research (INT) = 3/2 required skill for learning new spells


* Learning the Magic Skill Focus requires training (ie teacher, source of information, or successful use of untrained focus which satisfies the GM)
* Difficult spells will require extra time, require complimentary skills, and/or have negative modifiers to the research roll in order to learn them.
* All spells bought through the Focus Magic Path (trained) require the limitation Overload Risk (below). Common Magic Path spells may be cast as Focus spells by using the Magic Skill Focus RSR and applying the Overload Risk limitation temporarily (does not decrease cost since the spell is actually a common spell but it means that you don't have to buy the spell twice).

Overload Risk [side effect; -2 limitation]
- happens on a critical failure of the RSR roll
- Energy Blast on Focus (1d6/5AP; for total AP being used in spell being cast)

Focus Magic Path (untrained)

This allows a Warlock not trained in the Focus Magic Path to attempt to focus a joint MPP. It requires no training. This is VERY risky. Many mages go BOOM.


* Common Magic Path
* Uses Magic Skill Common as the RSR
* Adds a -1/20AP to RSR roll (ie more powerful spells are more risky)
* Must have bought into the joint MPP
* Spells may not be purchased as Focus Magic Path (untrained)
* The following limit is added to ALL common spells cast using this method but it does NOT reduce the cost of said spell:

Overload Risk [side effect; +0 limitation]
- happens on a failure of the RSR roll
- Energy Blast on Focus (1d6/5AP; for total AP being used in spell being cast)

Banned Magic

Teleport, Desolidification, Duplication, Extra-Dimensional movement, FLT, Mind Scan, Stretching

Special Magic

This stuff needs a good reason that convinces the GM. For example, it is needed to simulate an effect that is allowed but which can not be implimented using allowable powers, or is needed to impliment the race packages. Uses of these require permission each time. Others may be added if I discover something broken.

Absorption, Missile Deflection, Transform, Growth, Find Weakness, Lack of Weakness, Extra Limbs, Shrinking, Summon, Density Increase, Drain, Multiform (not in a were), Transfer, Clarisentience

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1) That 20xp can't be spent on skills unless it is a magic skill or something that would have been known prior. (ie it's a gift from 'gods' so it hasn't been earned) Check with me.

2) You may buy the Magic Skill Common AT THIS TIME without a teacher or need to study. This is is a one shot deal.

3) Everybody has a 1AP MPP.

4) The Research skill is not a freebee and must be bought with a reason for having it either now or later.

5) At this point only you may buy spells without researching them.

6) MPP up to 40AP may now be bought at 1:1 by everyone. But only with post-jury points.

7) I'm going on msn now because my email is doing something odd with the reply function.
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I was wondering - by people's count, how many points should we be at? Ironphoenix posted 194, but I'm counting 193. Now the session previous to last (where the council members started disappearing) I didn't give myself any XP, since it was unclear who should be getting it (Jacob or Julien?) and this could be the source of the discrepancy.


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