Mar. 25th, 2007

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While this may not have the high dramatic impact or plot relevance of recent posts, I thought it would entertain some of you.

Jacob's revolver was inspired by the LeMat Revolver, a Civil War era black powder weapon. What was particular about it was it's double barrel design - there was single shot shotgun barrel in the center of the gun, with a revolver built around it, resulting in a second barrel on top and a cylinder holding 9 shots.

The concept was modernized and made bigger - the center barrel is a 12 gauge and the "upper pistol" barrel shoots .50 S&W magnum, the biggest commercially available handgun cartridge.

Game balance wise, you can get pretty much the same results by carrying a desert eagle and a sawed off shotgun, so I think it's ok.

Of course, it's only after I came up with this concept and sent it to Ms Danson that I found this:

It's in German, but basically, it's a revolver that shoots 0.600 elephant gun bullets, and makes the .50 magnum look like a BB gun. It certainly made the german guy holding it look like a small child with a beard. (read more about the bullet here

Since Jacob has already used the LeMat 2049 (a gun he built himself) in game and since there aren't any game data on what stats an elephant gun bullet has, I guess I will stick with the LeMat concept!

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Chapter 2: Wherein my brilliance and foresight, once again, saves the day against impossible odds.

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