Apr. 7th, 2007

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(note: post in progress!)

Folks, this is how I recall our rulings, and the spirit behind them. Please feel free to comment.

Ruling no 1:
Magic will only be possible by a conscious act of will. The spirit behind this decision is that we want to avoid people casting spells by mistake - no more angry people spontaneously shooting fireballs, or people plagued by visions. This imply that some kind of training may be required. I believe that "self training" should be possible.

Ruling no 2:
Magic for all.
The magical potential of people will not be limited by race anymore, and everyone has the potential to wield magic. Of course, natural talent and especially the dedication of the practitioner will have a huge impact on the level of potency of magic someone actually wields.

Ruling no 3:
Erin shall be preserved - ie status quo. The group has no objection over the slow natural formation of other "sentient lands", such as Pico Island. (We thought about it being quicker, but then grew worried about nationalistic idiocy)

Ruling no 4:
The veil, the void, and monsters. We were uncomfortable with the implications of changing the rules regarding this issues. We admit that while humanity may have lost something primal and strong, we also won civilization out of it, so the status quo stands.

Ruling no 5:
Demons should be able to breed with one another or humans and have children. The psychological needs to destroy their parents should not be imposed (and should be lessened? eliminated?). It is expected that because of their smaller numbers, they will eventually "dilute out" in humanity, but if they don't that's fine (ie, let their choices and nature take its course). A similar reasoning should apply to changelings. However, the fertility reducing effects on pure blood "strangers" (shee, angels, evil fish people etc) should stay in place.

Ruling no 6:
The formal magical communities of princely ties will be replaced by "magical communes". If they so wish, people with magical ability can pool their energies to do something greater than they could achieve alone. However, the bond between them exists for the specific endeavor only and is not permanent. A "circle leader" will be needed, someone able to handle the extra power. (I would imagine that special training could be required for bigger efforts*). We felt that the need for this leader would limit the ultimate potential of what spells could be enacted - ie don't let a big circle of crazies blow up the moon.

Please feel free to comments folks

*The way I see it, a small group of weaker practitioners could get together and so something of some potency without any of them having special training. However, the special training would become necessary when people want to exceed the natural limit of 40 AP.

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