Apr. 25th, 2007

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August 20th 2052

Last night was the worst night of my life. Last night I truly saw what my father was doing to me...Last night I killed a man who had done nothing wrong except try and help me.

It was my 15th birthday my squad and I had just passed into our next level of training. So we decided to celebrate and went to a bar down in Marseille...the guys had some strange intention to get me drunk. I never had problems going to bars....not like the bartender’s could actually tell I am underage...and besides being a demon allows me to get around most of that crap.

Anyway we were getting drunk and it was pushing on midnight and we were all ready to sneak back to Calenture. That is when everything went to hell and my eyes were opened. These resistance bastard’s decided to bomb the bar. A few grenades in some very loud bangs, and dozens were dead.

When I saw the first grenade my training took control and I flipped over the table and ducked behind it. The shrapnel embedded itself in the thick table and I was ok, except for a small laceration at a joint in my right wing. Then the bastard’s came inside and started shooting. My team performed admirably and we killed them all, and probably saved about 30 lives from the attack.

Though we did not stick around to get any credit. We all knew what being out after curfew meant and we did not want to suffer the consequence. So we split up and each of us made our way back to the transport we had uh borrowed. I started running, ducking through various alleyways, not wanting to take the risk of beings seen in flight. I ran for 10 blocks, finally decided it was safe and took to the sky. As I leaped up something went wrong and I woke up on the ground my head throbbing.

I must have hit my head on something and as my eyes began to clear I saw a man looking down at my face and carrying something. It glinted in the light before he could say anything and without any hesitation I reached up and broke his neck. It was a completely reactionary action, one that had been ingrained into me since my training began.

Rolling the corpse off me I looked over and he was carrying a present wrapped in shiny paper. All of my training all of this for the “protection of the people” and what is my first throught? To kill, I assessed the threat and I eliminated it...just like my training taught me. The only response to a threat is to eliminate it, and the only proper way to eliminate a threat was to kill it.

Did not matter who it was they were a threat, and my first action was to kill...Never again. I will never again use killing as the only solution to a threat. I will never deprive some family of their father, mother, brother or sister, unless I absolutely have to....

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