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So after thinking for a little while I came to the realization that for all we decided and agreed upon at game on Tuesday, one thing was not discussed concerning healing. That is, how often can it be used on a person.

The two ways that I see it from my research is as follows and I am not sure which one we are running with.
1. When ever the stat changes.
2. A set time period. (The 5th ed revised suggests no more than once every 24 hours. That is you can only use the healing power once on someone in a 24 hour period.)

Both of them have their flaws and advantages.

1. Flaws: Can lead to the bleeding someone to heal them. So if all we need to do is reduce the stat for healing to take effect all that needs to be done is to do some body damage and then roll again. I see this as slightly abusive.
2. Flaws: Time, when you need/want to be healed now or as fast as possible you have to wait for the healing, but this is much less abusive than the option one flaw.

So this is what I see, and would like to have an answer...time and sanity permitting of course.
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This is a bullet question, and it refers to hollow point bullets (HP) (page 205 dark champion).

Hollow point bullets are designed to "mushroom" when they hit a target - this allows for more transfer of energy to the target and makes a bigger hole in the person. Hero models this by having HP bullets do more damage AND more stun. There are normally factory made, but as mentioned in the book it is possible to modify normal bullets "in the field" with a knife. This isn't hard - I the player could do it, and I imagine for a trained gunsmith it's child's play

Now the question is how do these home-made HP bullet work, game wise? The book says that they do "at most, 1 pip extra damage instead of 1 DC extra like normal HP bullets". I'm unclear as to what a pip of damage is - if you go from say, a 1d6 weapon and add a damage class, it's now 1d6+1 - isn't that the same as a pip? Would a 2d6-1 weapon (what I have now) become 2d6? I also note it says nothing about stun - do they do normal bullet stun or HP bullet stun?

... I should have asked for spent uranium wadcutter rounds from the (so-called) angels :P

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