Feb. 25th, 2007

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D'ange Batteries

Appearance: Small round blue beads which glow strongly to magic sight when charged. They have an almost gem-like appearance.

Usage: Used for powering thaumaturgical devices.

Description: These batteries were developed at the D'Ange institute in Nowhere NFLD prior to the Angel war. Inital manufacturing had begun for commercialization but production stopped in 2031 due to bankruptsy brought on by various lawsuits and legal proceedings. The design was sold in 2043 to a Canadian company operating out of Quebec but they failed to break into the market due to the late D'Ange's reputation and difficulties in compatibility with new technology. They have been sporatically produced ever since and are only sold in North America.


1d6 Multi-power Magic Pool (may be combined with other pools)
3d6 Charges (do not automatically recharge, requires application of t-field)
RSR (magic skill - thaumaturgy, traditional, or psionics)
OAF (bead)
Side-effect (on failed RSR roll the bead explodes rendering the bead useless and permanently staining immediate area with a magical signature that can be seen by magic sight)

Summary - The batteries add to the MPP of a PC or device and the battery is run on the charges. When the charges run out the battery is dead. It may be recharged by placing it in an appropriate t-field (ie a recharger sold by the company who makes them, the storm, the gate fields, etc). These batteries are not as stable as they used to be due to enviromental conditions over the previous decades and may explode if not handled carefully.

Player Usage:

1) Figure out how to use it... roleplayed
2) RSR roll (for every use)
3) Roll MPMP and Charge # roll (once only per bead)
4) Cast spell(s) as normal with increased pool size (as long as you are in contact with bead)

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