Jan. 24th, 2007

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excerpt from "Warnings of a Clear-Eyed Madman - The Declarations of Julien Flammel", assembled by Julia Thompson, Metaphysical Free Press, London, 2070, p. 477-478.

"We are but shadows.

What we call reality is but a pale reflection of a greater order of things, a superior state of being. What we call the universe is but a small soap bubble in which one can see faint, distorted images of far greater things. We are shadows cast upon a wall.

In our ignorance, we believe that we are free, unaware of our state, powerless to escape it. We are not doomed to impotence however - if we have the Will. Magic is the answer. As a shadow may startle its owner (or someone else) and make him jump, through magic, we can change the greater reality, and by doing so change the image it casts. The greater the Will, the greater the magic, the greater the change in our world. All measures, all laws restricting our use of magic are therefore attempts to stop us from the greatest expression of free will this reality allows us.

One could say that no greater spell has ever been cast than the great gate that allowed the angels to spread their tyranny over Europe. Perhaps. But what people failed to realize is HOW this was accomplished. The angels, potent yet blind, bended the bubble. And the gate remains open, putting immense strain on the very fabric of reality. Should the bubble burst, the wall crumble, the very surface upon we shadows dance... reality - our reality, will cease to exist. And while it may be a thin reflection, it is all the reality we have. The gate must be closed at all cost, lest we perish.

So to all of you who understand, who can exert your will... fight the angels with all your heart. Can we afford to let these tyrants have another chance at breaking the world?"

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