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Tears of Madeira

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"Tears of Madiera"

This is Earth in 2053. Everything has changed.

"Supernatural Detective Agency"

The characters work for "Johns, Martin & Holtzclaw - Investigations, Negotiations and Analysis" which specializes in missing persons, unexplained phenomena, cold cases, debunking, deprogramming, cults, alien abductions (falls under debunking or missing persons usually), tracking, and recovery. This is the Ratcatcher/Madiera world in 1993 New York City; pre-unveiling, pre-thaumaturgy, and pre-BASA.

Allowed races are: human, were, outcaste fey, tiefling, and changeling. A small magical 'gift' (practitioner or stand alone) is encouraged but mega Warlocks and combat tanks are not. The characters are not 'in the know' initially. (ie they do not know the full scope of the fey existance or even the were existance but may know bits, misunderstandings are smiled on) The players start out as new hires and transfers from other offices trying to open an office in New York City. They don't realize that they are in over their heads.

This is the livejournal community is meant to discuss all aspects of the Ratcatcher/Madiera/Detectives roleplaying game world and is moderated by its GM, ms_danson.

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angels, detective, hero, magic, modern, near future, nyc, ottawa, post-war, ratcatcher game world, role-playing, rpg
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