Jun. 20th, 2007

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"Sir! The 5th Elite has abandoned their posts and joined with the Traitor," the bearer of bad news stood at attention in the Regent Calenture's dinning room. The immaculate angel Captain's bad timing only made things worse for him. "They are rallying others against you."

"You interrupted my dinner for that?" Calenture snapped at his Captain.

"Sir, the soldiers are rebelling."

"Only the 5th. Make an example of them."


"Have you found her?"

"No sir... the rebellion..." the Captain took a step further into the room. Just as he was about to speak further a voice boomed through the room. From over the communications system the Traitor's voice rang out its challenge.

"I, Inquisitor of Thermidor-Advisor to Thermidor-Traitor of Calenture-General of Calenture-Commander of the 5th Elite, hereby challenge Regent Calenture for control of Calenture as is our custom. Regent Calenture has failed and brought our noble race ruin. His weakness ruins Calenture and makes us weak before our enemies. He brings us death for his pleasure. This is NOT what we are. We are ANGELS. We are more than servants to his whim. We are not breed animals producing our children for his slaughter. He seeks the Oblivion of the Depths but we will not follow him there. We are WARRIORS. WE ARE ANGELs. He has forgotten what that means and no longer deserves Calenture. Come forth coward and face your judgment."

Karenth's challenge hung in the silence between Captain and Regent as the Regent considered Kanenth's challenge carefully.

"We can blast him out of the sky Sir," the Captain blurted out anxiously.

"Are you saying that I shouldn't take this challenge?" asked the Regent Calenture.

"No Sir! You shouldn't sir! The Traitor is dangerous..." responded the Captain a bit too quickly.

Calenture's temper flared. "Dangerous? DANGEROUS? I AM DANGEROUS!"

The Captain cringed, "Yes Sir. Absolutely sir... but the things they say about this Karenth..."

Calenture's fist caught the Captain square in the temple knocking the younger angel almost unconscious with its force. "I AM REGENT AND NO MERE SOLDIER WILL DICTATE TERMS TO ME."

The Captain staggered to one knee in front of his Regent and begged for forgiveness. Satisfied that his underling had been properly chastised Regent Calenture declared his intent.

"I will kill this Traitor. When I return I expect to find this little problem dealt with and you returning to the task I assigned you. Is that clear?"

"Absolutely, Sir." The Captain remained on his knees until he was certain that the Regent was gone then he painfully stood up. He was still a bit unsteady on his feet as he contacted General Karenth.

"Private Radio... He is on his way and he's angry," was the message.

"Good work... Private Radio out," came the reply.

On his way down to the command center the Captain shook out his feathers and adjusted his uniform so that he wasn't such a mess when he met his partner in this coup. Calenture's Security Chief was waiting for him in the command center.

"The anti-aircraft guns are secure. I have initiated a lockdown immediately following the Regent's exit. We are in control here." She smiled at him, "You played your part well. I was watching on the cameras."

"Good. All we have to do is wait," he replied. Everything was going according to plan.

She turned to her co-conspirator and asked, "And if the General fails?"

"Then we blast our beloved Regent out of the sky and appeal to Thermidor for help in putting down this unexpected coup," he replied in a neutral voice.

"That would waste a perfect opportunity for a young officer to advance far," she watched him closely as she spoke.

He didn't rise to the bait. That seemed to satisfy her and the two settled in to watch the battle.

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