Nov. 3rd, 2006 02:04 pm
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I am not writing a summary for the last game. If someone else wants to do it they can. I'll just add a brief note in the next summary.

Next game (Nov 7) will continue the battle and will be held at Ironphoenix's place.

The Paranoia game (Nov 14) will be held at MY place at 6:30pm. Characters will be provided but they will require a few tweaks. Corradus and Nightwalker will be joining us. WEAR SOMETHING RED. Make sure you have a ride if you need it. Draco will be picking up Corradus so he can't help you. The rules have been sent out. Read them.

The Madiera game will resume at Ironphoenix's on November 21st.


I realize that we have been running overtime and I realize that this is my fault. Please be warned that I will be more attentive to time in the future.
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Alright folks here's what's up...

I will run two short (2 Sunday afternoon sessions each) games in the late summer and early fall. I've tossed a few ideas around and settled on two that should work for short games without requiring Nightstriker to learn the entire back history of the last few years of gaming.

Supernatural Detective Agency
You work for "Johns, Martin & Holtzclaw - Investigations, Negotiations and Analysis" which specializes in missing persons, unexplained phenomena, cold cases, debunking, deprogramming, cults, alien abductions (falls under debunking or missing persons usually), tracking, and recovery. (look here for an idea of what I'm basing it on) This will be the Ratcatcher world in the 1990's; pre-unveiling, pre-thaumaturgy, and pre-BASA. Allowed races are: human, were, outcaste fey, tiefling, and changeling. A small magical 'gift' (practitioner or stand alone) is encouraged but mega Warlocks and combat tanks are not. The characters are not 'in the know'. (ie they do not know the full scope of the fey existance or even the were existance but may know bits, misunderstandings are smiled on) The players will start out as new hires under the guidance of an NPC handler (ie telepath).

The Angels are Coming!!
You will be a person living in a city in Europe in the week following the Angels arriving on Earth. The game will cover the initial stage of the invasion of Europe. The players will be hired to make a few deliveries as all of this is going on. All the characters should know each other somehow. Characters from previous games who may have a reason for being there will be allowed provided they are at the proper point level (ie Rupert is a possibility). Characters from this game may be used in the long game provided they are compatable with it. Allowed character races: fey, changeling, human, and were. Other than that character creation is wide open.

ANC... I realize you won't see this until you get back but when do you expect your Tuesday game to finish? I'd like to set up a start time for my Tuesday game.

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