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Sep. 9th, 2005 09:45 am
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All of them are playing Lone Wolf Ratcatchers (ie agents from the Department of Thaumaturgical Affairs) right now: Who they play )
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In the amount of time between the return and the unveiling...

Robert will be kept very busy I imagine. First, he needs to find a new place to live, wich will be a three bedroom appartment in southern downtown, one of the room being converted into a mini-dojo. He will choose a location that is not too far from HQ or the chateau laurier.

Second, Robert will train to improve his skills as a duelist. He will discuss with other duelists to find the skills he is lacking and will try to aquire them (this is something I would like to have some feedback on if possible).

A lot of his time will also be spent on looking after Katie and attempt to re-build her character and her life. Until she departs, he will aslo be spending some time watching over Susan. Robert will also devote some time training the new ratcatchers in unarmed combat, as well as seting up those with skill and potential (such as other duelists) with his uncle.

Robert will try to keep an eye on the street, perfecting his knowledge of the city and what is going on beneath the facade, and keeping an eye out for Silver while he's at it. He will also monitor law enforcement chanels for Silver's location, as well as ensure that as many authorities as possible know about him, his habbits and wearabouts.

Finaly, with his new found wealth Robert will be buying a fast car... not the obvious sports car kind of fast car, rather the black german sedan designed to drive on the Autoban kind of car. He wants to gain the combat driving skill, but he will not start the game with it, reflecting the fact that he doesn't have points to spend and not the time to fully comit to it.
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I was very tempted to say during the preduel stage something like

"Lord campbel, I know you are distraught over the murder of your wife, but this man is but a mercenary. Let me deal with him for you, and you can deal with the miscreant who hired him." or some such.

I wonder how that would have gone...

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