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Based on events leading up to an including the last game, the following is the theory Max has formed regarding how humans use magic.

Neurological control of thaumatological energy )
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After the shock of Sean's refusal Max and Rob return to Ottawa on Monday, Febuary 11th. Waiting for them in Rob's appartment is Lee Jacobs dressed as a gumshoe and narrating in the third person. With Lee is the redheaded were that Max met on Parliament Hill. These two will be helping Max and Rob with thier mission. Thanks to some hacking theft efforts by a lone wolf working for Ms. Danson the team is now equiped with a small folder on Dr. D'Ange. As it turns out D'Ange was born in New Orleans and isn't even Canadian.

She also has a twin sister named Angela Ensley.

Serra Ensley's mother.

This shook up the team a bit and prompted much speculation on the apparent family feud. The team made thier plans. Lee would travel seperately to Newfoundland and pose as a reporter. Max, Rob and Kevin would travel together to Montreal and then to Gander under the assumed names of James Lauren, Arthur Robertson and Kenneth O'Leary. Kevin would provide the fake ID. At this point Rob asked Kevin his last name. Kevin's last name is Danson. Son of Ms. Danson.

While Kevin was off getting the IDs and Max took Lee out to a costume shop for a supervised shopping trip, Rob phoned Faik to arrange a meeting. The two met at a discrete non-fey establishment to verbally dance. This initiates a complex game of telephone between Rob, Faik, Yuri, the Velov family, Prince Ensley, her advisors and Angus that results in the following:

Rob - Learns about D'Ange's lackey, Dr. Reed a polymorph warlock, and his involvement in the duel/kidnapping/coup attempt that put Serra on the throne.

Faik - Learns about D'Ange's supposed involvement in Jimmi's death and reads between the lines that the Ratcatcher's are still active even if officially defunct. He also guesses that Rob is on his way to Nowhere, Newfoundland to D'Ange's research centre.

Yuri - Jumps to the conclusion that if Rob is going to Nowhere then he's going to do a hit on D'Ange. Yuri really wants to help out with this job and is terribly proud of his friend. Yuri tells his family everything he knows. They tell the Prince and Angus.

[and Anc sat in the corner laughing his ass off...]

The team, posing as freelance reporters, flew to Gander Tuesday, Febuary 12th where they found a hotel and made plans to leave first thing in the morning. Meanwhile they decided to get something to eat in the hotel bar&grill.

Said, a student at the Daly Institute, is also at the bar trying to drown his worries in a cup of tea. While Kevin strikes up a conversation with a female PTU devotee Max and Rob strike up a conversation with Said. Said tries to warn them away from the institute when Max shows an interest in becoming a student there.

[insert conversation details here folks]

Eventually Rob and Max return to their room after Said has agreed to help them get to Nowhere. Back at the room Max gets into an arguement with Rob about how Rob shouldn't kill anyone while they are here.

They will meet the next morning for breakfast.

That night a storm blows in.

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