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Gremlin Package

CHR= Base/ Maxima/ Cost
STR= 8/ 15/ -4.5
DEX= 13/ 23/ 13.5
CON= 10/ 20/ 0
BODY= 7/ 15/ -11
INT= 8/ 15/ -4.5
EGO= 12/ 20/ 4
PRE= 5/ 15/ -7.5
COM= 4/ 12/ -5

PD= 8
ED= 8
REC= 10
END= 50
STUN= 50

Transformation to Animal Form:

14 29 Shape Shift to Animal Form (Single form, Sight, Scent/Taste, Hearing, Touch, Cellular Level)
- Most Gremlins do not shift their mental image when they shift, form is a bird or rodent usually
Costs END only to Change Shape (+1/4)
Draws from END (Personal) (+0)
Increased Endurance: x3 (-1) = 8 END
Extra Time: Extra Segment (-1/2)

Natural Technological Aptitude:

3 Scientist
3 Jack of all Trades

3 Computer Programming
3 Electronics
3 Mechanics
3 Systems Operation
3 Inventor
3 Demolitions
10 +2 with Technology Skills (All skills listed above, and related PS: and SCI: skills)

Natural Magic Aptitude:

8 10 points Multipower Reserve (Magic)
Draws from END reserve (Magic) (+0)
Only in Gremlin Form (-1/4)

2 30 END reserve (Magic)
Only in Gremlin Form (-1/4)
1 4 REC on END reserve (Magic)
Recovery every 20min (-1 1/2)
Only in Gremlin Form (-1/4)

2 20 END reserve (Magic)
1 2 REC on END reserve (Magic)
Recovery every 5 min (-1)
Special Effect: Rest and Recovery (double effect while sleeping, half if not resting)

Gremlins may use the technomage and adept paths AND/OR stand alone powers. (see below)

Natural Magical Sense (Gremlins have an innate ability to see the magic within things)

5 Detect (any Magic): Vision Sense Group, Passive
+2 +2 PER (Detect Magic)
Special Effect: Gremlin Magical Familiarity (+3 while in Gremlin Form, +1 while not)


2 +1" Running
3 Armour: 1PD, 1ED … Thems gremlins is tough


-25 Distinctive Features: Gremlin (Not Concealable, Extreme reaction)
-25 Hunted (Gremlin-Haters … that's most everyone, really … 11-, More Powerful, NCI)
-15 Physical Limitation: Lack of Foresight (Frequently, Greatly)

Player Notes:

Gremlin characters will be 50/50 characters. They will be litter-mates (ie brothers).

Each gremlin has a favoured technology (ie things with red flashing lights, things that go beep, screws, tasty plastics, etc). This doesn't mean that they are good with that technology just that they are drawn to it. Theoretically gremlins can live 50 years but practically 15 years old is old age. They are fully mature at 2 years old. They breed in litters and form pack/family structures that are very close. They may bond to human, fey or animals (usually to the dismay of the bonded creature) and will treat thier bonded creature as a rather dense sibling that should be looked after and made happy. Gremlins separated from thier family may adopt a replacement family in this way.

Gremlins are small (tiny?), about the size (and disposition) of a feral cat or smaller. They are fast and usually excellent at concealment. Given that this game is an all gremlin game I'm using gremlin size as a base size. Instead of the gremlins being small compared to humans, humans will be large compared to gremlins.

Gremlins speak gremlin, which sounds like a variety of churps, squeeks, and growls to most humanoids. Their language is simple and lacks jargon and abstract concepts. It also has a large physical and scent component which makes it difficult for humans/fey to learn. Gremlins generally don't learn other languages well as they don't have the attention span for it but they may pick up some words if exposed to humans/fey enough. Gremlins can be skilled mimics. They may recite what they hear (conversations, passwords, commands, etc) without any real understanding of the content. (ie mimics don't have to understand what they are mimicing)

Gremlins can fight with weapons but generally don't. They tend to be pack hunters and rarely hunt or travel alone. They can also cast magic and even (rarely) follow a magic path. Most gremlin magic is disconnected (ie no theme in the spell choices) and stand-alone (no multi-power pool). Stand-alone powers do not REQUIRE an RSR but may have one if the player so chooses (it can be any skill or characteristic roll). Magic paths work as normal.

Gremlins do stupid things, breed prolifically, and die young usually.

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