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Name: Lucifer, Traitor Demon, Son of the Fallen
Nickname: Nev
Race: Demon
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Eye Color: Nev's iris are Red in color, the shade varying depending on external conditions. This is a genetic feature
Teeth: Nev has had his K-9 teeth surgically elongated to resemble Fangs
Tattooing: Nev's body is covered with tattooing of red and black color. It does not cover every square inch of his flesh and it does not extend past where normal clothing stops.
Original Birthplace: Unrecorded, Raised on Calenture.
Father: Denizen Calenture, Traitor Sire, Admin Assistant, Admin. Supervisor, Admin Assistant, Data Entry
Mother: Unrecorded

Lucifer was born during the first year of the Occupation of Earth. He was the result of a momentary lapse of sanity by his father with one of the migrant inhabitants of the world. His father brought him to Calenture to raise him in a proper culture that he might be schooled in his appropriate station in society.

He seemed to be accepting this until he reached 18 years of age. He began to become disruptive, drunk and disorderly, fighting with his betters. His father was charge as liable for his actions and ordered to get his offspring under control.

Soon after, Lucifer departed the city under the cover of night, taking valuables from the home. The matron of the house placed charges of theft on the child. The charges were dropped by the father as he wished no further effort spent on retrieving the offspring.

His Father has fallen in standing due to his lack of control over his childer.

Over the following years, Lucifer was seen in various locations within the State. Updates to his Bio are included. It is noted that Lucifer shows a lack of respect for proper authority while at the same time co-operating with proper authority.

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