15 years

Jul. 4th, 2007 03:25 am
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15 years have passed and life has been peaceful. Gawen cracks open a wine cask and using a ladel he pulls out some of the dark red liquid and takes a sip from it. Sighing happily to himself he smiles and pounds the lid back on it with a wooden hammer. Muttering to himself as he takes off the leather apron he is wearing. “Finally a suitable batch.” Most people would actually disagree with this comment. Each batch after the first three he made had sold completely.

Despite the success, Gawen has never truly been pleased with his wine. Though today was not a day to worry about any of it. Some of his larger customers were coming by today as was a friend he has not seen in a few years. Stretching a little as he pulls a shirt over his head and secures it at the shoulders with the velcro straps. The transport vehicle pulls up and Thermadors lackeys get out and proceed to load up the 10 barrels worth of bottled wine she ordered. Taking the payment, double what he normally charges, she has gladly paid each time since her first bottle.

Moving out to the vineyard and looking over the grapes that are still growing. He sighs with a smile on his face. It was days like this he actually managed to forget most of his problems and what started everything. It has been years since he had to put on his guns or to draw a single blade in an act of violence.

As he looks over his land her arms snake up his body, he tenses up a little and shoots his hands back and feels a familiar set of hips close to his. Leaning his head back and kissing his fiancee deeply he breaks the kiss to whisper. “You know one of these days I may just brain you when you do that.” A smile appears on his lips after he speaks.

Chuckling she moves around her metallic black wings shimmering a little in the noon day light she runs a finger along Gawens nose. “You know you would never actually manage to land that blow.”

Sighing again as he gives her another gentle kiss he turns his head to see the second expected guest for the day. Sighing and letting Angelia go he moves over, lifts up the small case of his last batch of wine and hands it over to the Angel messenger sent by his father. Just as he is handing over the case the messenger hands over a rather large embossed envelope. Taking the envelope from the man Gawen looks skeptically at the man. “You are fucking around with me right?” The man shrugs and then flies off back to Calenture.

Holding the invitation in his hand just staring at it Gawen shakes his head in disbelief. As he stares at the envelope Angelia swoops over him, grabs the invitation and rips it open. “Hey!” Gawen calls after her, and gives chase.

Reading the letter outloud she proceeds to evade Gawen in the sky. She had been a slightly better flyer than him but he was actually gaining a little bit on her. “Dear Gawen Sullivan, Son to the Regent Calenture, Keen eye of Calenture.” She giggles a little. “Oooo they used your full name and title too.” Her childish mocking getting Gawen to pursue her all the harder.

“Give that here, or I am gonna shot you!” Gawen calls back, as she flips over him in the air and makes a quick u turn.

Smiling she calls back “you would never do it.” She continues to read, “you have been invited to attend15 celebration of the Regent Calentures Reign on the 5th.” She pauses in mid flight but avoids Gawen again, this time she drops to about a foot off the ground. “Signed Regent Calenture. P.S Please at the very least try...” Gawen finally grabs the invitation from her and flys back to the house and lands.

As his feet touch he sees the final expected visitors. As the van pulls up Gawen begins to move towards it only to stop as Angelia almost plows him over as she lands on him with her legs wrapped around his hips. Walking somewhat awkwardly over he calls out. “Nev, how has life been treating you?”
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There he stood, a familiar road in a familiar part of Italy. Every time he left he did not really want to, and yet every time he has returned he floats in the sky looking up the road and gathering his courage. Finally getting some strength Gawen flew up to a place he was soon getting comfortable enough to call a second home. Quietly moving to the balcony of his room he sets down the large duffle bag, he was carrying. Still feeling a little uneasy about this house he really would rather prefer his mom not seeing the bag full of weapons.

Flying around to the front door Gawen rings the bell and waits for an answer. The wait seems to take forever but after a little while there is a soft pad of little feet and Cassi, his little sister, opens up the door and a beaming smile appears on her face. “GAWEN!!!” The little one turns and calls back into the house. “Mommy, Mommy Gawen is back again!!!!!” Stepping aside the child lets Gawen walk inside and closes the door behind him.

Looking around Gawen inwardly rolls his eyes as the all to familiar Church of True Faith paraphernalia decorating the walls. Tugging on his sleeves a little nervously, even though they do completely cover his arms already. Having absently mindedly moved into the dining room he did not really notice his mom behind him. “Gawen!” She gives him a large hug as he turns around to greet her.

“Hey.” He speaks nervously. He can fight dozens of Angel soldiers, stay calm as things blow up around him and yet his mother is someone he is nervous around....silly.

His mother begin to speak fast as she guides him to the table, “I hope you are doing well.” She pinches his cheek as he sits, “and staying out of trouble.”

Catching only about ½ of what she said, “uhhh yea always mom.” Cringing a little as he sits down, a knife wound received from an soldier still not healed yet. His mother who didn’t notice the cringe begins to move off into the kitchen.

“Well that is good, I always told your father that you were a good.......” Her voice trails off as Gawen begins to loose what she is saying.

“So how long this time?” A familiar female voice speaks in French?

Turning and seeing Ava, Gawen smiles a little “A week maybe two.”

“No I was referring to the wound.”

“Oh...” Gawen has gotten used to his ½ sisters forwardness... “Umm about 5 days or so not much longer.”

Rolling her eyes she look at him and before another exchange could happen their mother walked in “.....and that is when I thought, she would be a good girl for you.” She smiles as she looks to Gawen, and sets a large plate of pasta left over from supper.

Still speaking in french, a language his mother still dose not know, Ava proceeds to chastize Gawen. “Why do you do it? Why do you keep on fighting? What do you have to prove?”

Shaking his head as he eats some of the food while his mother stays silent just watching her two children with a smile of admiration. “I have already told you and you rejected my reason. So why don’t we just play at being civil right now and not upset mom?” Despite the tense subject matter Gawen manages to keep a smile on his face and sound civil, more to not upset his mom than anything else.

Taking a mouthful of the pasta Gawen smiles and looks to his mother. Swallowing the food before speaking he holds up his hand and addresses her in broken angel. “Wonderful mom.”

The first week passed with very little incident. Ava and Gawen did their normal routine, playing nice in front of mom, sending barbs back at one another when she was not. Despite the seeming hostility and tension that exists when ever he came here, Gawen got comfortable once again. Maybe this time he could stay for more than a week....Staring out across the field from his balcony a genuine smile appears on his face. A smile that quickly disappears when an all to familiar shape crests the horizon.

Darting inside he proceeds to quickly pack up his things. The guns which he just finished cleaning, a sword he had “taken” from the same shipment as the guns, various types of ammunition a couple of grenades and some lightly armored clothing. All of the rest of his gear all of it gets tossed in, not wanting to be here when the military transport arrives in town. Dashing out to his balcony the transport has landed in the backyard and Gawen’s heart skipped a beat. They must have tracked him but how.

Closing the window doors behind him Gawen ducks low and presses his back to a solid wall. Grabbing the bag off the bed he holds it close as he prepares to dart and possibly pull the troops in the transport away from his family, away so that....”Gawen!” It was his mothers voice, and not one that sounded worried. “Your fathers home!”

Pressing his forehead to his knees Gawen swears to himself. Shit right now I would have preferred a transport full of soldiers. Quickly pushing the bag under the bed Gawen grabs his long coat and tosses it over his shoulders and just before he puts the shoulder snaps on to secure it around his wings an all to familiar set of foot steps come to the door. Cursing to himself again he moves to the balcony and opens the doors, as the door to his room flys open.

“Stop right there.” His fathers voice booms out which forces Gawen to spin around.

Out of reaction he smiles and looks his father straight in the eyes. “Hey dad.”

“Where the hell have you been?” His father seething as usual. Not even 30 seconds in the same house and already they were fighting.

Smiling to himself he keeps his eyes on his father. “Around, here there, where ever my wings take me.”

“Around, Around?” Shaking his head his father storms out of the room and after closing the door Gawen grabs the bag out from under the bed and opening up the balcony doors he jumps up onto the sturdy railing.

Just as he is about to leap off to fly away, a small hand grabs his food. “Where ya go’in?” It was Cassi,

Smiling down at his little sister and mussing her hair and before he can lie the Ava asks as well. “Yea where you go’in?” Her voice a mimicking their sister a little.

Switching over to french so his little sister dose not understand. “You do not need me around here pissing him off. I am leaving and you can enjoy his company.” Looking down at his little sister he smiles and speaks in angel. “I am going out for a little while, I will be back later.”

Before anything else could be said Gawen jumps from the balcony, falls a little and spreads his wings to take flight leaving his second home quietly and alone again.
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it seems that deviant art has some startlingly good/on topic stuff for some of our characters and NPCs...


My character (ok he has hair but):

Sample of the guy's angel work:

it's worth taking a look!
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Well the day was a young one and it starts off with the same BS as usual. Gawen was walking down stairs shirtless in his human form, a little more comfortable...that and it riled up his father so that was a bonus. Moving into the kitchen he grabs a bowl plate and begins to fish some of his breakfast straight from the pans while one of his fathers servants cooks it.

The woman just rolls her eyes but as he walks into the dining room his father catches sight of him as he is leaving and starts up on one of his all too familiar tirades. "What the hell do you think you are doing boy? Walking around like that? Put some cloting on and dress proper, what do you think you are some filthy human living down below with nothing to his name?! You are my son, when will you start acting like it?" Gawen rolles his eyes as his father is about to leave. AS he is grabbing his coat the General sees the recent addition to his sons attire.

"What the hell is that?" The elder angel points to the new tattoo on his sons shoulder.

"What" Gawen replies as if he dose not know what his father is talking about.

"That. What the hell is that?"

Gawen looks to his shoulder and his most recent tattoo, the symbol of The Church of True Faith but broken down the middle. "It is called a tattoo." His voice carries with it his usual tone of defiance and smugness knowing that he has gotten his fathers ire up again.

The General moves in close and as he speaks looks into his sons eyes, "I want you to remove that immedeatly you blasted fool. What do you think someone would say if that on you."

With a smug look on his face Gawen "They may think that I do not like going to church."

Growling in anger at his sons most recent action the General storms out of the house as the servant woman walks intot he dining hall and smacks Gawen on the back of his head. "Do you really have to aggravate your father this early in the morning young Sir?? It really dose not give him a good day." s Gawen shrugs and shifts into a more comfortable position, as he finishes off his breakfast and heads up to his room and prepares for his day.

Grabbing his coat, a proper shirt, three sets of his special dice and a deck of cards so that at the very least he won't get bored when no one decides to play against him. Heading out into the city once again he takes to the sky's and ignores the jibes he receives from some of the local full blooded angel youth and heads off to one of the local bars where he is sure one of his friends may be, and where he may be able to gamble away some of his time.

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