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Dear Players,

I know that I haven't gotten the last game summary up yet but anyway...

It's feedback time. Tell me what you think about the game, the summaries, the cut scenes, the snacks... whatever. Tell me the good, the bad, and the turnip infested.

We will be entering part III (Tentatively subtitled "War & Redemption" depending on what you folks do... who knows that could change to "Roasting Marshmallows While the GM gets Drunk") after tomorrow's game so if you have anything to say going into the next game arc please do so now.

~ Your GM
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Based on a weighted measure (ie 1#=3pt, 2#=2pt, 3#=1pt) the following are the scores:

1) Regular game = 8
2) Detective game = 11
3) Paranoia = 12

(If people want to check my numbers please note that I assigned Anc's tie a 3-3-1 points for scoring purposes.)

Paranoia it is then.

I shall contact [livejournal.com profile] corradus and [livejournal.com profile] nghtwlkr with the appropriate invite.

[edit] Corradus has agreed provided he has transportation to and from the game.
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If all goes well [livejournal.com profile] nghtwlkr will be visiting Draco and I. He's an experienced gamer (although I have only gamed with him once a very long time ago) and I have every intention of running a game while he's here. Here are the things I'm considering:

1) Regular Tuesday night game. No changes to regular schedule.

2) Run a Detective game rather than Tears of Madiera that night and invite Nightwalker to join up as a one shot PC/NPC that the PCs are hired to protect for 48 hours until a trial.

3) Run a paranoia game rather than Tears of Madiera that night and invite both Nightwalker and Corradus to join us. This would obviously be a one shot... from a pre-packaged game with pregenerated characters. Much death.

Register your votes in order of preference.
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Over the next two weeks I'll be updating the front page to contain appropriate data for both the Madiera and Detective games. I will also be looking for a place online to post the Handbook I sent you and link it here.

Is there anything else that you would like me to change or expand that would make [livejournal.com profile] ratcatchers a more useful forum for you?

A reminder as we head into a new game:

This forum is for you. Ask your questions here. Post your comments, system issues, and stories here. I will post any schedule or location changes here. If you won't be able to attend post it here and email me.

If you have a personal problem with the game or another player then please contact me directly via email, msn, or phone. I prefer to deal with those directly, personally, and immediately.
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The "Tears of Madeira" game will begin the first Tuesday night in October and will run until it is finished. I expect that to be between six months and a year depending. Game starts at 7pm and runs until 10pm. (Previous experience has shown that 7pm is the realistic start time. I want to start AT 7pm.) Tentatively the location is [livejournal.com profile] ironphoenix's place, confirmation is pending.

Confirmed players = [livejournal.com profile] dracodraconis, [livejournal.com profile] ironphoenix, [livejournal.com profile] ancalagon_tb and [livejournal.com profile] nightstriker.
Alternate players = [livejournal.com profile] arrantdemon has an open invitation if his work schedule changes.


The "Detective Agency" game will run once a month on Sunday afternoons (2-6pm) unless otherwise scheduled. Each session will be a complete case (or will try to be) for this episodic game. Attendance may be flexible as long as I know before the game who will be there. Single session drop in players will be considered but preference will be given to players with regular attendance and confirmed attendance. Max 6 players per game, minimum 3 players. Games with less than three confirmed players by the Wednesday preceding the game will be canceled. Location will be announced and will either be [livejournal.com profile] ironphoenix's place or mine. (Warning: I have cats.)

Confirmed players = [livejournal.com profile] dracodraconis, [livejournal.com profile] ironphoenix, [livejournal.com profile] arrantdemon and [livejournal.com profile] nightstriker.
Alternate players = [livejournal.com profile] ancalagon_tb

I am willing to entertain suggestions for alternate or drop-in players. One suggestion on the table is K.E., let me know if you have a suggestion or know someone who wants to play. Drop in players are easier to accommodate at this point.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
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As you may have noticed I have stopped writing game summaries. I'm still posting cut scenes for game colour purposes but I simply do not have enough time to do good game summaries AND good game prep. Hence I've dropped writing game summaries. Stay tuned to this space for announcements, player posts and cut scenes.


Said person would gain my gratitude and a hug. (lousy pay but hey... it's something)

All of the remaining games will be part of the "Old Gods" story arc.

Last game session is December 21st, 2005.
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Detect: Genetic material (5-CP), Discriminatory (5-CP), Analyze (5-CP), Microscopic x10 (3-CP), Rapid x10 (3-CP), Tracking (5-CP), RSR Sense Magic (-1/2), 1/2-DCV Concentration (-1/4), Fixed Point pool. 26 Active Points/2 END, Cost: 1-CP.

Details )
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Since the game is in a state of change right now I think it is a good time to ask for a player status report...

Game based questions
1) Any complaints? Any thing you would like to see more of or less of? What do you like?
2) Based on (1) do you have any suggestions?
3) Is anybody else's work schedule going to do something funky in the near future?
4) Are the remaining players okay with a three person game group for the near future?

Character based questions
1) Are you happy with your character and his present direction?
2) Tell me a bit about what is going through your character's mind lately?
3) Tell me a bit about his goals and how he's changing.
4) What does he think is going on?

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