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Sep. 9th, 2005 09:45 am
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All of them are playing Lone Wolf Ratcatchers (ie agents from the Department of Thaumaturgical Affairs) right now: Who they play )
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Greetings and salutations.

Here's a look at the home front for the future.

I am currently slated to start working days at the beginning of June, so naturally thee are complications. My partner in crime at work is not willing to give me the same courtesy I have given her by working for 5 months on nights. She is only willing to let it slide for 1 month. My boss is trying to comprimise by saying 6 weeks. (He originally only wanted to do this for 3 months. I appear to be the only person that wants to have 6 months of stability in my schedule.) I have told him that if he can not give me 3 months of days to forget it as even at the 3 month mark I will not have adjusted to a morning schedule.

On the positive side, she is getting interviews for a Recruiting position, so she might be gone and all of this is a moot point.

On the character side.

Aedan had a fantastic trip back. Nothing like riding a storm home over the ocean to get a little wind in the face. Once back he arranged for an introduction between Serra and her godfather (I believe that was his relation). He spent some time after that with his friend, the Prince, but eventually duty called.

While at the office, he found the starting of a security breech, and took steps to correct and reverse it, leading to the arrest of the hackers responsible. This brought the attention of the people that were actually suppose to be resolving this upon him. Certain of the ass-chewing he was to receive for stepping on toes, he was shocked by what followed.

Ms Danson was the officer in charge of the meeting he attended. This caused a moment of "Oh Shit!" for Aedan. He did not, in fact, receive the ass-chewing as he expected which caused a moment of "WTF?!?", and for the skill and total lack of regard for procedure he used in quickly and effectively dealing with the breech he was placed in charge of a team in the Computer Security group, which caused a moment of "God Damn!" as he was placed once again behind a desk. (No question that his parents and his uncle are happy about that.)

Aedan's time for the most part would be taken up by work. Not being in the investigation branch means he wouldneed to actually be at work, visible to at least a few (No slacking for him, though he will push to let him work from home.) His spare time would probably be spent with old friends and getting in trouble with Yuri doing all manner of things stupid and fast. At least before Neesha moved up. After she arrived, see below.

As to the events that have happened in-game. Upon hearing the method that the team had devised to wake up Susan, his response would have been quick and to the point. Placing a .45 round on the table and in his charming Irish lilt, "If you're going to destroy her life, ya might as well be quick about it."

For the procedures he would have been as close as allowed for Susan's procedure as well as Ashley's Mother. Aedan truly believes what he told Ashley about thinking of them as family, and would have been there to give his support and help. I don't know how Ashley's mom will respond to that but he'll tell her anyways.)

Aedan would ahve moved out of the trainee house when her returned from England and moved into a loft-style apartment near downtown, something up-scale-ish. When Neesha moved up to Ottawa after Christmas she would have moved in with Aedan. Following that, there would be much shopping and buying to fill the house with everything. Party's would have started soon after. He will definitely remain in contact with the team after their return from England.


May. 5th, 2005 12:46 pm
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Aedan has been assigned to the computer security group rather than the investigative branch of the Ratcatchers. He's been put in charge of finding and fixing the holes in the Department's network. To do this Aedan has been given a small group of techs to work with. The investigations branch calls on the computer security group frequently during thier investigations into potential problems during the upcoming unveiling. (aka BASA, PTU, fey not being unveiled, etc) Neesha moved to Ottawa after Christmas with her family in NYC. She starts her studies in Ottawa in January. (I assume that she is living with her fiancee Aedan unless told otherwise.)

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