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Jul. 4th, 2007 12:27 am
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In X-9

- in through sunken level
- Nev, Gawen, and one of the dogs take on the guards, find Sadia & children rescuing the prisoners, help the prisoners escape
- Dingo, Joy, and Nicoli find Alan and discuss up coming attack by monsters on earth and how Alan has been breeding "anti-bodies" in X-9, Alan poisons himself but Dingo shots him in the head with a laser pistol
- Everyone finds the shape shifter children who were being bred in X-9
- Everyone escapes through undergroud tunnel
- Halim & Dogs make a distraction by freeing prisoners in tent camp
- Alan's people blow up X-9
- Nev gets cute over his daughter and helps a pregnant Amy (fey godmother of Sadia) escape
- Joy hands over copy of D'Ange's spell book as payment to Innis
- Joy and Dogs take kids and eggs back to NYC
- Halim finds brother and stays in France
- Jacob's resistance contacts arrive to take prisoners to safety
- Francois fighting beside Karenth who is now Regent Calenture (injured, missing eye... will eventually replace with cyborg eye after Pigeon pesters him enough)
- Team + Amy + Sadia leave for madiera

On Bottle of Rum

- Crew goes extra fast via void to get to Madiera
- Gawen has a bad reaction and things in void try to eat him.
- Dingo tries to protect him
- Amy's baby reacts to void monsters and drags Amy after them, Nev kisses her to get into the void
- Amy's unborn child drives off monsters
- Everyone gets free but Dingo gets chewed on. Much screaming. Jacob performs multiple exorcisms.

On Madiera

- Meeting with Innis who is planning on becoming a negotiator between angels and earth people after she retires
- Thermidore is on the move
- Team packs up Lucas and gear and heads out
- Back up plan is Wren in a shuttle with a tactical nuke
- Wren plans on returning to homeland to find Mathieu
- BoR runs for island

On Pico

- Team gets in and searches for secondary control location that Dingo saw
- Team gets attacked by gremlins who won't fall down (immune to stun) and have a nasty little fight, Jacob blows heads off Gremlins, Dingo gets his magical armour humped, Lucas is annoying
- Thermidore shuts down storm
- Team finds control chamber containing 5 active transformers (geo-thermal to magical energy) and a computer controller in a gremlin death shrine
- Turn off computer does nothing
- Gawen packs the transformers with C-4... blows up four of them leaving one intact
- Wren moves into place with the nuke
- Thermidore arrives
- Nev and Dingo go back into chamber, others run for the boat
- Nev and Dingo argue over who will destroy the last transformer, Nev wins, Dingo leaves
- Thermidore tries to open the gate
- Nev blows up the last transformer and barely escapes
- Gate closes trapping Thermidore on Earth, Wren is gone
- Team runs for the ship, Gawen shouts rude remarks at Thermidore over the radio
- Everyone returns to Madiera

Afterwards (based on conversations, correct if wrong)

- Karenth becomes Regent Calenture and negotiates with Francois's fey and Innis's governments, Pigeon becomes the head of his secret services & pays off Gawen
- Gawen buys a winery and settles down, almost becomes respectable
- Thermidore returns to Italy and releases other territories, negotiates truce with other governments
- Joy and shapeshifter kids live happily in NYC under the protection of the King, Dingo visits them there
- Dingo scans Pico residents for gut flora and edetic memory and inducts them into the Watchers as controllers, he talks Ettienne into manageing the finances, he retires to Delphi when he's not saving the world from the new threat that he thinks is going to arrive in 15+ years
- the other missing shape shifter kids end up in Ireland and Switzerland except for Amy's kid who is in Madiera
- Nev returns to Madiera (he has a vicious reputation in France now) to raise his daughter Sadia and train her as a hunter, he eventually marries Amy and they raise Sadia, her shape shifter son, and their mixed breed (Fey-Angel-Human-God) children which makes Innis happy as a grandmother, Francois acts as uncle/godfather to the kids
- Jacob finds his fellow gunslingers then returns to Arizona to buy a ranch and raise many kids as well as train a new generation of gunslingers
- Dingo enlists the aid of Jacob and Gawen occassionally to work for the watchers (to save the world)
- France slowly recovers with much international aid (takes decades)
- Pico is no longer protected by the storm but is declared a protected wild life zone, biologists are fascinated with the fauna and flora especially the new breed of large, intelligent, tough, gremlins that are developing there, anyone who wants to leave is given a place to live on Madiera but many stay,

Any extra story that you want to tell about your character go a head and do so.

Game over.
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