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I shall be applying distance and sense specific modifiers (pg 231-232) to perception (and perception like) rolls from now on. Range modifiers do apply to PER rolls (pg 229, 245-246).

Line-of-Sight will be determined (when it is not obvious) for mental powers with a perception roll (pg 78). Range penalties apply only to the per roll on LOC powers not to the power effects. (ie If you can see it you can do it.)

Telekenisis is a ranged attack not a LOC attack and hence is subject to normal ranged modifiers, cover modifiers, and difficulty modifiers rather than LOC perception rolls.

Date: 2007-06-16 04:21 pm (UTC)
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'kay, noted.

The difficulty modifier for things is worth thinking about. Reading a line of print within 1 m is easy in rl, but damn near impossible at 8 m (4 hexes, limit of 0 range penalty); on the other hand, seeing a person at 10 m (5 hexes, -2 penalty for range) is not that much more difficult than at 1 m, except in jungle or full night.

The biggest problem I have with RP systems in general is that the "roll x skill at par" level of difficulty is pretty much uncalibrated, and depending on how the idea of "routine task" is considered, the feel of the campaign can shift pretty widely. Currently, we're making most rolls at par with occasional bonuses for easy tasks and regular penalties for difficult ones, range, etc. with some omissions due to error, simplification etc. This sets the probabilities a certain way, and creates a certain "feel"; if we change the median modifier, the game's feel will also change.

Date: 2007-06-16 06:14 pm (UTC)
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I was concerned about this too, but I re-read and noted "when it is not obvious". I'm taking this to mean that perception rolls to determine LOC wouldn't be needed in most cases - even if someone is 34 meters away (17 hex), if you already know they are there (they are chanting loudly, firing guns, hitting your buddy etc) and there isn't any obstacles between you and them, a perception check wouldn't be needed.

... at least that is how I understood it, I could be wrong.

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