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I know that we are drawing near the end of the game but it seems I need to reiterated a few things after the last couple games.

1) One person talks at a time. I can't deal with one person and have one or two others talking at me over top of my conversation. I'm not physically capable of doing that.

2) During combat you must wait for your turn to act. This includes zero phase actions such as soliloquies, perception rolls, and rules clarifications. The exceptions to this rule are if the GM asks you to do something or if you are aborting (defensive when you personally are defending yourself... see book for details).

3) Please respect other people's face time. Use notes if you need to talk and pay attention to what is going on around you.

4) I will not *argue* over rules during a game. Major rules discussions will be handled before or after game sessions. If a rules discussion will require a great deal of time to sort through I will make a snap judgment and address the rule at a later time (ie after game or between games or after I get someone to look it up). This judgment will be expedient and hence sometimes it will not be precedent making. Please bring up rules issues prior to the game or post game. I will not argue rules during a game session.

5) Players get to play their own characters only.
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