Mar. 19th, 2007

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Early 2050

Reverend Parson looked up, then up some more, at the approaching figure of Jacob McNelly.
-Ah, my dear Jacob, I supposed you are still determined to go ahead?
-I am reverend, answered Jacob. J'ai etudie le Francais bien.

The reverend looked at him carefully, nodded once and added:
-I supposed there is a reason why God has granted you with your remarkable talent. Now remember when you are there, you must avoid injuring the innocents! You are going to go do God's work and smite these ... blasphemers. You must show restraint and caution - if you get caught or killed right away, your mission will be in vain. And if you kill the undeserving, you will endanger your soul and make a mockery of our righteous cause.
-When have I not showed patience Reverend? Answered Jacob.
-Granted, replied the priest, but the long time in the field may weight heavily on you, and the Old World will offer many temptations. Never cease turning to God for guidance.

The reverend reached down, and set a heavy package on the table.
-This is for you. I shall miss your presence, and to ensure that you return to us one day, I have had a special jacket commissioned for you - it is lined with some kind of armor, and I believe it may well save your life. I've also ordered a hat of the same cut. Finally, I've taken the liberty of including a travel version of the bible.
-thank you, this is very thoughtful, said Jacob
-furthermore, added the priest, if you look at each page with a number that's a multiple of four, you will find a single letter underlined. Put these together to form a message in Latin - it's contact information for Father Rodrigues, a Jesuit active in Southern France amongst other places. The Jesuits have kept true to their faith, and he may be able to help you. If you find out anything important, you can send it back to me through him.
-I will, promised Jacob

More than five years later

Jacob looked at the path leading up the mountains of northern Greece, where such an epic battle had occurred not long before he came to the continent. Europe had not been entirely what he had expected. While he had repeatedly struck against the Pretender Angels and the False church, little benefits seemed to have occurred. His actions had given many hope and he had saved civilians from arrest and probable death more than once; but they also had contributed in maintaining the oppression of the military onto the general populace.
They said that more Pretender Angels had died in this place than any other. Some whispered that the memories of the struggle lived on here. He knew the place was irradiated with magic, but his reading up on the topic seemed to indicate that a short exposure wouldn't be overly harmful.

Jacob stepped forward. Perhaps praying here would provide guidance and ease his burden.

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