Jan. 28th, 2007

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This summary will not cover reactions to the events because I can't speak for your characters.

Corrupting the youth of tomorrow )

Anything you can dream of )

This is the summary that never ends... it just goes on and on my friends....
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consider the following

Tim the Enchanter has a ward he likes to put on his tower door that is triggered (if you mess with the door you get zapped kinda deal). It's a nasty one, with all his power (say 30) into it.

Question one: Is Tim's power tied up in that spell until the trigger is activated? If he casts another spell, does the ward collapse?

Now, supposing the answer to this question is no.

Tim the Enchanter is taking a stroll, and a bunch of rude goblins start shooting arrows at him. Tim is feeling a bit hungover from last night and not up to a fight, so he casts a shield spell of some kind (armor, force field etc) and runs away, arrows bouncing off the shield. Some the goblins have crossbows, so he puts all his power into the shield to avoid injury. Unfortunately for him, some dastardly hafling is trying to break into his tower! If the ward is triggered and the hafling is blown to smithereens...what happens to Tim's shield? Does it goes down as his power is momentarily drained by the ward? Or does the Ward fail because Tim's power is on the phone right now, please leave a message? Or do both work?


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