Jan. 1st, 2007

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Your Gremlin is a size Diminuitive character (see page 26 of the game world handbook) so you need to take into account a few details

1) There is a -10 STR penalty so the base STR is negative. If you do not purchase additional STR to make it positive (not just non-negative) then the following adjustments must be made:
  • Your HTH damage is zero
  • You can only use weapons with negative STR minima
  • Your muscle-powered movement rates (Run, Swim, Flight, Tunnelling, Leaping, Gliding, etc.)  are reduced to half their original value (to a minimum of 1" at the GM's discretion)
  • Base DCV is reduced to half the original value
  • You can Push (expend 1 END/STR increase) to artificially increase STR in a "combat" situation to overcome these limitations
2) Your character is smaller and, therefore lighter, so you increase your Leaping by two size levels (+3/level or +6 for a Diminuitive character)

3) There is a -10 PRE penalty so your PRE is negative. This means that
  • you must make a PRE roll in each phase in face of even a remote threat or you will run away. If your character is aggressive, you should purchase extra PRE to compensate.
  • you start out with negative dice for PRE attacks against Normal-sized characters.

Addendum to negative PRE: First, the roll is only if the character PERCIEVES the situation as threatening. Second, the response might be better interpreted as WANTING to flee rather than actually flee. An EGO roll could be used to impose a strength of will to overcome fear. How a PRE roll failure is interpreted depends on how the GM agrees to play it.

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